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Danyang Huafa Environmental Protection Machinery Co., Ltd. was founded in 1998, mainly involved in non-standard environmental protection equipment, biomass energy and elevator sheet metal three industries, is a research and development, production, sales and project operation one of the national high-tech enterprises, holding Jiangsu Runtai Biomass energy Technology Co., LTD. With more than 100 employees and more than 20 relevant authorized patents, Zhenjiang Biomass Energy Engineering Research Center has been approved, and the proposed biomass gasification - activation combined technology and equipment has been demonstrated in Jiangsu, Anhui, Shaanxi and Laos and other places, and has won the first prize of science and Technology Progress of China Business Federation. China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation Science and Technology progress third prize and China Circular Economy Association patent second prize.

At present, the main customers in the field of elevator sheet metal are Suzhou Schinda elevator, Otis elevator, Hangzhou Sini elevator, Thyssen elevator, Shanghai Datong Automobile, Changzhou Hand in hand Medical, Changzhou Ruixin Medical. Main products: well parts (rail support, upper and lower beam straight beam, traction beam, weight frame), automotive sheet metal, medical bed frame sheet metal, etc.

The company spirit of "energy saving, consumption reduction, emission reduction" concept, through continuous technological innovation, process development, production of excellent quality products, and strive to contribute to the country's "double carbon" goal.
Company Introduction

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Shears 6×4000

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Jiangsu Yawei 2100 CNC bending machine 50T

Jiangsu Yawei 3100 CNC bending machine 160T

12KW fiber laser cutting machine

Jiangsu Yawei shearing machine 8×4050

Engineering Case

Kudingcha charcoal preparation of high performance activated carbon project

This project was initially applied to a biomass company in Xi 'an. The company used Laos Koulding tea tree as a carbon source to prepare high-performance granular activated carbon through carbonization and activation processes, with a maximum output of 4.5 tons/day and a yield of 36-40%. The equipment can be used to support carbonization and tar gas capture and purification systems, changing the traditional activated carbon production process and reducing pollution. Reduced energy consumption.

Biomass gasification power generation - co-production of activated carbon project

Under the support of Changzhou Longcheng Talent Plan, we designed and processed the industrialization equipment of biomass gasification power generation co-production of activated carbon. This engineering and technical program not only produces electricity without using better biomass resources, but also produces activated carbon with higher added value, which improves the income generation of user enterprises. At present, this engineering and technical program has obtained the national invention patent.

Daily processing of 10 tons of biomass gasification project

In order to solve the problem of high emission and pollution caused by small coal-fired boilers, the technology and engineering scheme of biomass gasification are put forward, which can replace the coal-fired boilers less than 10 tons for gas supply and heating.

Coal and biomass gasification project

For Qiqihar Mulongwang Porcelain Co., LTD., provided the technology and engineering plan of biomass particles and coal gasification, which solved the problems of burning pure coal pollution and coal phenol water pollution. In this project, the coal gasification process is changed by adding certain biomass. The experimental results show that the composition of the gas after biomass addition is similar to that of pure coal gasification. With the help of a certain biomass fuel, 3168m3 more gas can be produced per day than without adding biomass fuel, which can be converted into 1056kg Datong coal, so the conversion rate of Datong coal can be improved by 4.4-5% under the catalytic action of biomass fuel.

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